Alresford and District Horticultural Society

                                   Calendar 2018 - 2019
March 14th    Melvyn Jope - The Peloponnese in Spring and Autumn April   11th Members’ Spring Show April 25th Wisley Trip May 9th Kevin Hughes - Beautiful Trees and Shrubs for the Every Day Garden June 13th Members’ Roas Show + Rubus - Barry Clarke June 23rd Garden Party, Hill House, Old Alresford - Mrs S. Richardson - Bring &                             Share Food [6pm to 8pm] July 11th Chawton House Garden 6.30pm- Andrew Bentley - £5 per- person                                                          July 26-29th Annual Holiday August 8th Wild Flowers - Geof Hawkins Sept 1st Alresford Show Sept 12th Organic Veg in Small gardens - Ray Broughton [Community Centre] Sept 25th Polesden Lacey Oct 10th Pesto Geoveses - Seeds of Italy - Paolo Arrigo Nov 14th Gardening on Chalk - Roger Horns Dec No meeting Jan 9th Tuppeny Barn Project - Maggie Hughes Feb 14th AGM March 13th The Watercress Company ‘Wasabl’ - James Harper