Members Spring Show 2024

Members Spring Show 2024

April 10th 2024

  1. A pot of daffodils
  2. 3 stems of miniature daffodils, all the same cultivar
  3. A pot of polyanthus or primroses
  4. 5 stems of tulips
  5. A single stem of any spring flowering bulb
  6. One container of growing bulbs or corms, not daffodils
  7. 3 stems of flowers or foliage from 3 different cultivars of flowering shrubs, attractively arranged
  8. 3 hellebores blooms floating in a bowl
  9. A small container of stems of spring flowers (at least 3 stems)
  10. A Photograph with a horticultural theme, any size, may be mounted and/or framed, if preferred
  11. 3 sticks of rhubarb

NB judging will be by members’ votes cast on the evening.

Awards: Supreme Acorn Award for best in Show (chosen by the Chairman).

Bosie Cup for the highest number of points overall.

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